10pcs 100W UV Purple Integrated 395NM 400NM Bulb Lighting with Lamp

Wattage:: 100w
Color:: 395-400NM
Unit price: 40.00USD/Piece
MOQ: 1 Piece
Delivery date: Since the payment date 30 Days delivery
Valid until: Long-term effective
Last updated: 2020-11-08 11:17
Detailed information


Chip size:45MIL


LED material:Gold wire, copper bracket, silicone package

Stent size:40*56

Luminous color: 395NM -400NM

Service life:50000 hours

Purple ,ultraviolet , UV LED

led bulb




Violet LED use

  1:V glue curing and ink curing;

  2: banknote identification (RMB, US dollar, Hong Kong dollar, euro, pound sterling);

  3: air conditioning and automotive circulation system leak detection;

  4: special gas, oil and gas pipeline leakage inspection;

  5: Adventure treasure hunt, find mine field exploration tool;

  6: Antique identification;

  7: fluorescence reflection of specific substances

common problem:

1, then a good light, the LED lights kept flash, what is the problem?

Reason: LED lamp beads and power does not match lead, please consider the replacement of power or lamp beads, we shop are supporting the foot.

2, how to determine whether the original lamp is less than tile or tile?

High power is the most common cast light industrial and mining lamps, from the weight of this heat sink kit point of view, the light is not enough tile, the standard description of the top picture for your reference, the corresponding weight is the real wattage!

3, when the replacement lamp beads to pay attention to what place?

The most important thing is to wipe the previous thermal grease, because the thermal grease also has a shelf life, wipe clean our new.

B lamp beads fixed, four corners to the four screws, not less, to tighten, do not move so far, it is best to use an A4 paper to see if it can plug into the lamp beads and heat sink, Row.

C drive do not no-load test, equipped with lamp beads and then test the voltage and current, otherwise the test then then connected to the lamp beads, the voltage is too high to easily burn the lamp beads (burning rate of up to 10%).


1, all sizes are in millimeters.
2, prohibit the drive led without cooling device.
3, it is strongly recommended to use the temperature is not higher than 55 ℃.
4, must comply with the appropriate current derating to keep the junction temperature below the maximum.
The LED is not set to drive with a bias bias.
1, delivery
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2, warranty
All lamp beads will be tested and delivered 100% before delivery, safe packing.
We promise 2 years warranty, please follow the lamp beads in strict accordance with the use of parameters
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3, After sale
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