LED Lamp Bead 460-470 480-490 500-505nm 520-525nm 600-605nm 620-625nm 660-665nm

Wattage: 460nm | 600nm | 470nm | 520nm | 480nm | 490nm | 500nm | 555nm | 620nm | 590nm | 660nm
Wattage: 3W
Color: only lamps | with 16mm board | with 20mm board
Unit price: 1.99USD/Piece
MOQ: 1 Piece
Delivery date: Since the payment date 30 Days delivery
Valid until: Long-term effective
Last updated: 2020-11-08 19:07
Detailed information
3W460-470nm 3.3-3.3V 700ma
3W470-475nm  3.3-3.3V 700ma
3w 480-485nm 3.3-3.3V 700ma
3w490-495nm  3.3-3.3V 700ma
3w 500-505nm  3.3-3.3V 700ma
3w 520-525nm  3.3-3.3V 700ma
3w 590-595nm 2.2-2.6v 700ma
3w 600-605nm 2.2-2.6v 700ma
3w 620-625nm 2.2-2.6v 700ma
3w 660-665nm 2.2-2.6v 700ma