35UVA+UVC02-014 LED light source

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Detailed information

The  3535  LED  light  source  is  a  high-performanc e  energy- saving  device  that  can  handle  high  heat  and  high  drive current.

此款 3535  LED光源是一种高性能节能器件,可以处理高热量和高驱动电流。

The  Purple LED  light  source  with  peak  wavelength  ranging from 270nm to 280nm and 390-400nm. 紫外LED光源峰值波长为270nm  ~280nm,390-400nm.

This  part has  a foot  print  that  is  compatible  to  most  of the same size  LED in the market  today. 此器件的焊盘兼容当今市场上大部分相同大小的LED。


■Deep  UV LED with emission wavelength  between  270nm to 280nm and 390-400nm 具有发射波长的深紫外光LED在270nm至 280nm 和390-400nm.

■Compatible  with  reflow  soldering process 兼容回流焊工艺

■Low thermal resistance/热阻低

■Wide viewing  angle at 120° 120° 大发光角度

■Superior  ESD protection 优越的ESD保护

■Environmental  friendly,  RoHS compliance 材质环保,符合RoHS要求


Personal hygiene  个人卫生 

Portable  devices  便携设备 

Water disinfection  水消毒 

Surface disinfection  表面消毒 

Air disinfection  空气消毒